Monday, 28 November 2011

Grannys Birthday

What to get for the Granny who needs nothing?

It has to be home made.
It would be better if it were from the children.
We could make a card?


Inspiration strikes!
Inspiration comes from Filth Wizardry

So, here we go............

I made some flowers for them, because they are so fiddly to make, with plain white kitchen roll

Darling and Dervish got stuck in with adding some colour
Yes, we are all still in our Jammies!

Really, Darling was the worker here.

Some before drying and once completely dry, shots

 soaky weet
 Tote ally dry
 You get how this goes.....
 This is my one and, to be honest, Darlings were better.
 Our Bouquet

 And what was Dervish doing whilst Darling and I beavered away?
Well, watching the washing machine, of course!

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