Sunday, 4 December 2011

Silent Sunday

The Joys of hoovering!

OK so whilst I am beavering away, hoovering up the Goos mess

They are doing......


and this

It doesn't seem quite fair?
In fairness to them, they did help load up the stuff all over the floor, onto the couches because I threaten that the hoover will sook up anything left behind. Then they both dive onto couches.

Hmm, do you think they are afraid that I will sook them up??

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Typical girl or boy?

I would never have thought that there was a 'typical' girl or boy.
I don't think I would call myself a typical girl, I know Nothing about make up and don't see myself as dressing particularly girlie, though I do like a skirt and a tighter top than a mans tee.

When I was younger I felt I was in with the boys, climbed the trees, though there are very few that you can climb up here in the windy North, went to Scouts. Things like that.
To be honest, I guess I have never really thought about it.
What is girly and what is boyish?
I was just ....Me.

But my Darling, Mrs Goo?
Boy is she girly!
She loves nothing more than dressing up and failing that, she will choose a skirt/dress over trousers Everytime!
She Loves her long hair and loves getting me to curl it or put it up.

Every morning I put her hair up and she stands so still because she is sooo excited to see what I have done.
'Take a picture Mummy, so I can see it!'
At school, I insist that she has it pulled back completely, I am so paranoid about her getting nits in her gorgeous long hair.

Today though, was a day off (the school teachers are on Strike) so she got to wear it down.
Happy goo!
Here is Todays hairstyle.

Boys though, what are boys meant to like.
When I discovered that I was expecting a 'Mr Goo' I had that panic when you worry that you won't be as bonded to your second child, how can you love another as much as you do your first? Then the what do I do with a little boy? Girls I get, afterall, I am one. Boys??

Mr Goo is a funny wee man, though I am discovering that the things he loves are, typically, loved by most boys.
You cannot get him away from buttons!
Have not been able to since he was a toddling baby.

And spinning thing!
oh boy, seventh heaven!

His running obsession is CDs. Music in general he just Loves.
But, where you might find children carrying their favourite teddy/comforter, Mr Goo carries CDs. On his first finger, with the tip crooked so they don't fall off.
He has been known to have 7 or 8 stacked up, later complaining of his finger mysteriously hurting. hmm, can't think why ;)

Here he is with Daddy, doing his 'Most Muscular' pose.
It was only when I downloaded the images that I realised how different my children are.

Though, perhaps I should add. Mrs Goo loves to pull her 'Most Muscular' pose as often as Mr Goo does.
And, Mr Goo, for a Very very long time, requested Tinkerbell everytime he wanted to watch a DVD.

Who knows. Not sure there is anything 'typical' about them at all.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Grannys Birthday

What to get for the Granny who needs nothing?

It has to be home made.
It would be better if it were from the children.
We could make a card?


Inspiration strikes!
Inspiration comes from Filth Wizardry

So, here we go............

I made some flowers for them, because they are so fiddly to make, with plain white kitchen roll

Darling and Dervish got stuck in with adding some colour
Yes, we are all still in our Jammies!

Really, Darling was the worker here.

Some before drying and once completely dry, shots

 soaky weet
 Tote ally dry
 You get how this goes.....
 This is my one and, to be honest, Darlings were better.
 Our Bouquet

 And what was Dervish doing whilst Darling and I beavered away?
Well, watching the washing machine, of course!

Friday, 27 May 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

I am a happy bunny today!
My reason to be cheerful is just in the satisfaction of a day where I feel I have achieved

Today was a good one.
I love being able to list of my achievements to hubs when he gets home from work.
He doesn't question or quiz what I do with my days, with the children, he is just happy and proud that he is in a position to enable me to be a SAHM.

On the days that I have a list, I am as happy as...........I don't know what.
Simple things really.
Today it was stripping the three beds, washing the bed clothes and getting them all back onto the beds.
Having a tidy kitchen and house in general.
And showing him the tins full of lovely cookies.
He won't eat them, he is too strict with his diet. Silly boy!
But when I reel of my list, I know he appreciates what I have achieved, mostly for the fact that it creates a happy wife.

I am full of appreciation for my lovely hubby for going to the shops, first thing this morning, to get the few things I needed to get on with my baking (School Fayre tommorrow), so that I didn't have to hash and bash through my day trying to do it all.

Today has been finished off so lovely by my turning on the box to discover that there is a film on, about the book I read just last month!
Happy times!

A good day all round really!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

People Stamping

I just had to try out the stamps we got at the car boot sale at the weekend!

Dervish got straight in about it all
His masterpiece

Darling worked away quietly making her little person

Dervish decided on a better way to play with the sponges. He had us both in stitches with his carry on. He tried to squish as many as he could under his chin!
We decided to try spots and colour combos

Do you think she had fun?

Our combined masterpieces

Well worth the £1 I paid!