Monday, 16 May 2011

Butterfly bag

Every week we go to a music class locally aimed for my childrens age group.
In fact it is aimed at three parents and their children.
We each have one child who is 5, or nearly 5, and a sibling who is 2. The class is geared towards our children specifically.
The other classes that she holds are more aimed for babies or toddlers so it is just great that we have this music session to go to, especially for us.
Dervish is in his element when he is there. He is a huge fan of music in general. We rarely have a quiet house for long before he is requesting 'dancies' on. I don't mind in the slightest because he doesn't mind what I put on just so long as there is a beat of some sort for him to jig along to.

The teacher is just great with Dervish too and his constant requests for a specific song that he calls 1,2,3. That is what you do in the song, listen then jump the 1,2,3 beat or shake your jingly bells into the centre etc etc. It is only 1.30mins long but it is all that Dervish needs to keep him happy!

A while back we were doing the butterfly song, which envolves gentle music and little butterfly finger puppets that we make dance to the tune.
The teacher laughed at the bag that they were contained, or rather, not contained in. Saying that she really had ought to get a bigger/better bag for them.

So I put this piece of info away in my brain as the perfect wee gift to give for our last session.

Last week she reminded us that this week would be the last session and she didn't say that the next would continue on from the last, as it had the last time.
So I thought righto, better get on and make that bag.

But, as is my way, I forgot until the very last minute!
Class at 2pm, I remembered at about 1230 just as I was thinking that I ought to make lunch!

So lunch was on the hop as I scrambled to find the blank canvas bag I had and my fabric paints.
I had been thinking about how I was going to do it.
My fave idea was for Dervish to paint his hand, slap it down on paper, then fold, to make a buttefly image.
But I was concerned that the fabric paint is kinda funny to work with and it might dry out too much before I could transfer it onto the bag.

But now I had Darling at home so I would have to incorporate their two hands (that was better anyway cos they both go, afterall)

So, last minute, I decided rainbow hands, hers on top as the bigger wings, his on the bottom as the smaller ones.
Fingers crossed for it working!

I had 4 colours, but needed five, so asked Darling B what colour to make.
Silly question, Darling is a huge Orange fan!

One Stripe per finger

One hand each
Looking ok .....

Getting the second hands in place.
(Oh, I put newspaper into the bag so that the image wouldn't leave a ghost on the back of the bag)

Time to add in the body.
Darling B took the brush and painted an impressivly straight line.

And there we go, One Butterfly Bag

Proud children!

Hope she likes it.
DH saw the pics and now wants us to make one for his mum.
I want one too!!


  1. Wow, that looks brilliant! You could sell those. And I'm so impressed that you got your kids to put their hands in the right place and keep them still, my two-year-old could never achieve that!

  2. I love that idea and the end result is fantastic. Might have to try it with the Wee Man.