Thursday, 13 January 2011

Finishing projects

I love finishing a long on going project.

I have been in a making slump for a while, well, it feels like a while. Just before christmas I was in a making fenzy, so maybe I needed the down time.

So I started on my knitting pile.
The gillet I thought my mum didn't want was the first to get finished.
You wouldn't belive but I visited the otehr day and she says 'Look at what I am going to make for myself!'
Only a flamin gillet!
I thought she didn't want one, I had planned to finish mine for her christmas pressie, but changed my mind at the last moment because she handed me an old one of hers saying 'ach, I never wear it.'
Anyway, upshot is that it is done.
Ok I haven't actually put it together yet but it won't take long to do.
Famous last words eh! :)

Will finish of a jumper I started for my son, just hope it won't be too small by the time I am done!
Turns out I had finished a whole back! So I was farther on than I had thought.

But..... I am so bad but I have started something else.
It is a friend of my little girls, birthday party on Sunday. So I had a think about what to get.....
That didn't go well, teehee
Home is just so warm and shopping is just to stressful.
So, I started a hat.
Should look like this when done

It is actually pretty much that colour too.
Just hope I don't run out of wool, or it will end up with a creamy top to it.

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    I just answered your question about a pattern on my blog ... I would have send you an email but could not find an email-address and you are a "no-reply commenter" ... so I am letting you know this way.
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