Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My Advent Angel

There she is.
She is still bald cos I am scared to put her hair on!
Silly huh?
But I might mess her up.
And her face! She will look so different.

I was late in making this, still creating it on the 5th of December!
When I finally completed it, after hubby took the children shopping for a few hours, I popped it straight up in the hall.
And what do you know, in the morning, it's pockets were full of goodies!!
I told my lovely daughter, Bernadette, that the Christmas Elves had been in the night and filled the pockets up with goodies for her.

It is still up in the hall. One of my many unfinished projects!
And that is the trouble with things left unfinished, the little bit that needs doing is so small, you just think, ach I will do it later, it won't take long :)


  1. I like you honesty and who says and angel can't be bald? Might start a new trend!

  2. What a beautiful angel! Good luck with your creative endeavours (and the blogging) - you sound like me, forever jumping between projects, with lots on the go!