Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Rubbish with Directions

Is it a female thing to be rubbish at taking directions?
Haha, what a question to ask!
Of Course it blinking isn't!
It's just me!

I am actually quite good, when we are in the car, at figuring it all out. I have got us out of a good few situations by either map reading or just remembering where we have been and piecing it back together, backwards, until we find out way back out of a mess.

But, in the abstract, when you are giving me directions, to your house say, I just get brain freeze.
You know how it is, you give directions using places you know as points or reference, 'You know the road that has the white house, well we are the road next to it, 5th up.
What! White house?? Where?

I called a hairdresser the other day to make an appointment. I know she is good and worth the effort, but she is a home business so the next step was to get directions. I tried, honest I did! But we got two points into her direction giving and I was completely lost!
I stopped her and asked if she could give them to my DH who would relay them to me.
Honestly, there was no point in my trying to continue. I was lost already and had only taken enough to get me to her village.

DH did a grand job. Silly man, he did try to talk me through it, but gave up and drew me a map.

Then the appointment came round and I had to get the children out and the bins, the car seat was in the hall so it had to go out too.
Do you see where I am going?
I forgot the map!

I remembered it quite well, I think. I was so nearly there!
But I remembered it wrong. I thought house was at the side of the road, turned out she was down a road that was on the right.
I missed that road and kept going.
The weather was bad, the road was snowy and a bit icy. Scary!

I went on, checking all the house names. I tried a road to the right (that turned out to be one road too far along) then straight on. Then, for some reason I can't fathom now, I turned left and drove.
Oh hang on! Why didn't you call her I hear you ask?
When we were rushing out the door I asked DD to put my mobile in my bag. She said she had, I didn't check. It wasn't there.

So contents of my bag now strewn across the passenger seat, I had given up, we were sooo late!
I found my self on a long road, I figured it would end at some point and lead to a main road............ It seemed never ending
Eventually I turned around, Scared again! I don't like snow and this was a side road so ditches either side!

Heading back home I figured I would just try one last road, you never knew.

It was only the right road and theer was her house! I could have cried!
We were 1 hour late!!
But such is the way of our wee county, she welcomed me in and cut our hair.
Even pulled out some toys and sweeties (I don't envy her the clean up job!) for my 2year old son.

And, Yes it was worth it!!

Lesson learnt, don't forget the map! And put my own phone in my bag.
Poor DD. When we got home, I discovered she had put my phone in my bag. Just not the one I took with me.

Oh well, all's well that ends well and don't we look dapper for our efforts!


  1. Hello! Thanks for commenting on my blog. The sewing machine was a childs one from John Lewis. My daughter is 5. At the moment I use the foot pedal for her and she guides the fabric (with a bit of help). Its so lovely watching her learn but we'll have to see how long her enthusiasm lasts!!

  2. ah, thats great thanks.
    I often wonder if my daughter is capable of more than I let her.
    She is an ever so clever ;) 4 year old, so maybe we will start our own sewing projects some time soon.