Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I'm new around here

Happy New year, Happy new blog.

I had written one already but lost it? How I did that I don't know.

I am spending far too long on the web at the moment trawling through crafts sites getting very inspired but unsure where to start.
Think I am going to have to deal with some of my mending first, boo!
And my half finished knitting projects! I think I have about 5.

I had started to make a waistcot/gillet thing but it has taken me so long they seem to be out of fashion, so I will just make some arms for it now, turning it into a cardi. But my heart is not really in it.

I have fallen in love with my sewing machine and really think that it could be my way forward for making a wee shop of my own. I am thinking if I can make enough then at least a few craft fairs would do me.

Most recently I have made an advent calendar that was an Angel. Based on the Pixie ones that I craved but could not afford here

It was a good amount of work to make, so I can now understand the price. Perhaps I could ask as much, or as near to, for my own?
Will post a pic later.

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