Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Chicken Pox or Midgie Bites?

Dervish wakes up with bright red angry cheeks and a few spots on his legs. Angry looking things they are.
Lifted his top to reveal 3 or 4 littler ones on his tummy.
Panic Stations!
We are meant to be visiting my Brother and his pregnant girlfirend this weekend.
SO off to the doctor we scooted.
He took one look and, just as I was saying 'They could just as easily be midgie bites, but I need to check cos....', glanced in my direction as if to confirm, then began searching books to show me what chicken pox really looks like.
But the next day one of them started to look a little like it was developing. A bath later revealed a few more on his groin.
But the next day he wakes up and no red cheeks, the spots are less angry and the ones on his groin are few.

So how the heck do you know!!?

I mean spots don't appear on your child for no reason, but if the doc dismissed me and dervish isn't feverish or wappit.....??

I just don't know what to do with him or us?

Does he or doesn't he.
Should he and Darling be in Quarantine or not?
Can we go see our in laws, they have had it and a holiday was planned anyway. Poor DH hasn't had a break since Christmas and being with his parents as my child has chicken pox would be handy/helpful if not a little tense at times. But being in someone elses house always is.

So red spots angry looking, wee head on one, more arriving but not wappit boy or itchyness.
Is it just very mild chicken pox or not?


  1. My little boy apparently has chicken poz atm,doesn't look anything like them to me,i have just carried on my routine as normal as there is nothing more i can do,my daughter has spent all her time hugging him and still hasn't picked it up so i think we are ok.
    You should still go away and have a break,pack the calamine lotion just incase

  2. Aww, it's so hard to tell sometimes. Hope it's not CP though. How's the spots today? x

  3. They are much better today, fading a little.
    One or two still look a little angry, teeny tiny heads. You could almost miss them.
    I still don't know if it is CP or not but if it is, it is so mild I expect he will get it full blown sometime later in his life.
    Something to look forward too!

  4. Mine all had chickenpox at a young age very mildly. One only had a handful of spots. If the spots are still coming then it sounds like CP, the itching might take a few days to develop. We used antihistamine (liquid and cream) to ease the itching when it was bad. Warning - from experience calamine can make the itching worse when it dries!

    It seems even a mild dose offers protection as my kids have never contracted it again, despite plenty of contact with infectious kids.
    (I didn't get it til I was 11 and it was really really horrible then!)