Friday, 1 April 2011

We have been shorn!

What a lovely morning spent at the hairdressers.
We have found such a lovely lady to do our hair. She lives at the other side of the county to us, but it is well worth the trek.
Her salon is set up in a back room of her house, so it is just you and her. She is great with the children too.
Well, if you count having a bowl of sweeties ready for them ;)
They were in seventh heaven!

I didn't bring my pictures. They wouldn't download to my phone?? I don't know why. So I had to make do with talking my ideas through.
I decided that I just wanted a trim to his fringe, a bit of length of the back and layering throughout to give it movement.

The before shot.
He looks a bit worried doesn't he? Poor love.
He hopped up to that chair with delight. The first of us to have their hair done.

Here he is sitting like an angel to get his hair cut.
You wouldn't believe that he was anything but, would you.
He certainly had the hairdresser convinced ;)

The after shot. Straight to that bowl of sweeties!!
He spent a good while with that lolly in his mouth trying to pull it off it's stick so he could enjoy without the encumberance.
You can't really see any difference with his hair cept that his fringe is clearly shorter but it made a huge difference.
When we washed it, it dried all curly at the back and looks heaps thicker. Brilliant!!

DH thought that he would get more cut off, but I am so not ready to lose the length yet.

Darling B was, of course, a darling. She waited patiently for her turn (gobbling sweeties with a grin so huge!!) then up she hopped for her turn.
She just got a fringe trim and a bit off the back.

First things Granny said
'Oh now you look like a proper little boy!'
intake of breath 'Why did you get so much cut off Darling Bs hair?!'

She had less than an inch taken! :D
Haha, trust Granny to notice!

As for me, well disappointingly I look nothing like Jennifer Aniston or whats'er name.
I made the mistake of saying that I really didn't want a bob, so she layered into it.
Now my longest layer is about shoulder length, shortest is just about ear length.
Looks nice but not quite what I was looking for. So now I will begin the growing out of these layers. Mind you some of them were there already so I guess it was never really going to happen. haha

I think you have wishful thinking when you go to the hairdressers. If I wanted it smooth with only a few layers throughthe bottom, it would have looked more like whats'er name and that would be just a touch too short for me.
Haven't managed a decent shot of me yet.
(she say's. You just know it's cos my children are better looking so Thier mugshots will always be up first!)

Oh, couple of interesting things the haidresser said, well to me anyway.
Darling B does not have brown hair, but Dark Blonde.
HUh, I just thought it was brown.
Mine too.
But I am ash brown, which is still part of the blonde range.

Ah, so I AM a blonde afterall.
That explains a lot!!

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