Monday, 4 April 2011

The Climbing Wall and the 4.5yr old!

Yesterday we went along to a Scout Recruitment day, to support my sister and father.
The minute we parked up my 4.5yr old daughter spotted the 20ft high climbing wall and said, 'Mummy, I want to go on That!'

Nothing was going to divert her from her goal, straight across the field she ran!
We thought the queue looked a little long so went to the assault course first instead. This was, of course, aimed at 6yr olds and above but my little girl and, for that matter, my 2.5yr old boy did not let that stop them!

Through the tunnel, over the net (it was waist high for Dervish J!), through the tyres (well, y'know skip through the 6 laid flat) a balancing bar next, with J pushing my assistance aside (until he needed it) over a wall, then a shaky balance bar.
The bar scuppered them both, but Darling B wanted straight back on to try again!

My sister met us at that point and took B to stand in the queue for the wall that she was still Determined to climb!
My Darling B waited for at least 20 minutes in the freezing wind, her desire diminished not a jot.
They took her name at this point and said come back in 15 mins.

So, back she went, to queue for a further 10 minutes.
I can hardly believe that by this point she was not fed up, I have to admit, I was.

But she finally got into her harness and began her ascent!

They moved her to the other side and off she shot!!
It was much warmer on this side too, so Mummy, Daddy and brother were much happier now.
Well, except that poor Dervish was itching for his shot!!
This last shot was taken after Darling B had shouted for her aunt to let her go!

Look at my dare devil go!

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