Friday, 1 April 2011

The silly things we do!

Just been over to Super Amazing Mums blog, a fabby blog by the way, have you had a look?
I found her latest Bedtime Lullaby blogspot and it really struck a cord with me cos we have our bedtime rituals too. Everybody does, I guess.

But ours began with getting that extra cuddle in.
It started with getting a cuddle and a kiss at bedtime, then we said 'and a squeeze too?'

So now everynight we get our Cuddle, Kiss and Squeeze!
It has extended beyond bedtime though, through Darling B when she said goodbyes to Granny and Grandad. She would do our wee ritual.
'Cuddle, kiss and Squeeze, Granny!'

Now it is everybody and everytime.
Aunties, Uncles and friends, if they will (mainly they won't, so she has to make do with just a wee cuddle)

Super Amazing Mum also had a song that she had to make up the words for it made me smile cos we have a silly song too.
It is so awful that it is funny, to me anyway, haha
It goes with the silly name that we have for her, Mrs Goo, and goes to the tune of Nick Nack Paddy Whack.

Mrs Goo, I love you.
Even when you are a poo
Cos I love you Mrs Goo
Yes I really do
I love you, I truly do

It changes with the situation, what ever way I can get it to rhyme.
It now works for Mr Goo too!

Mr Goo, I love you
Even when you are a Moo
Cos you can just moan and groan
And I'll still love you
Cos you are my Mr Goo

Bit rubbish isn't it!
But it makes me smile to sing it everytime I do!

So not so much bedtime rituals as silly things that have become all day habits!

Oh, I have another!
When I ask then for a kiss.
If they give me a fleeting peck, which are rubbish aren't they?
I say 'Oh that was rubbish. Try again.'
So I get another better one.
If the next is just as rubbish, I repeat it.
Sometimes I just do it for fun, so we end up with lots and lots of rubbishy kisses and lots of giggles!

Thank You Super Amazing Mum, for making me think about the silly things we do!


  1. I'm a WAHM and also look after my two little ones at home. I often think that if anyone came to the door and overheard me singing to my kids I'd just die with embarrassment. It's quite frightening how many songs you can make up about poos!! x

  2. super is super...! i love her, and her blog, i commented on her blog too, as it made me think of the stupid stories my kids make me make up for them (almost) everynight. u'd think after 7 1/2 yrs, i'd have improved...i am big fat CRAP!!! at telling them, but they still insist i do it, so can't be that scarring...!
    loved ur blog post, brill, see u soon xx
    lol, tamsyn xxxx