Wednesday, 30 March 2011

New haircuts

We are off to the hairdressers tomorrow. Darling B and I both look like English sheepdogs, just about seeing our way through the day.
Dervish Js hair is a bit of a mess really.
DH and I just don't want to cut it!

Not helped by lovely mother and sis telling us 'that boy needs a haircut!'
They want his to look like this

We have both kneejerk and are now refusing to cut it!

But that can't continue.
So we are all of a dither as to what to do with him.
DH says

But I want more length.
I thinks this is more what I had in mind.

Unfortunately my wee Dervish just wasn't blessed with thick hair. So appears to be covering his receding hairline already!

I have a couple of images that I can take to the hairdresser tommorrow. I think at the very least he will get a fringe trim and a bit off the back.
I, on the otehrhand am going to miraculously transform into Jennifer Aniston/ Tom Cruises wife, whats her name again?!!
I just can't go without a fringe, I have tried.
Guess who Dervish gets his receding hairline from?
Hint: It's not so much his daddy!
Ok, it's not that bad, it just feels that way.

Anyway, I will add up pics of us all shorn, ra morra.
For now, good night!

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