Wednesday, 16 March 2011

British Sign Language

When my J was less than a year, I managed to get onto a BSL course.
I had been looking out for the opportunity for a long old time.
Since I had spotted a poster in a shop, got very excited then realised it was out of date.
So to finally get on, and to find that a good friend was also interested, was just Fantastic.

It was 10 weeks of a course and I looked forward to, and enjoyed, every weeks class.

I have used baby signing with both my children (and totally believe that Everyone should do it!!) so I think it gave me a bit of a grounding because there were quite a few signs I knew already, so it gave me a greater confidence that I could and would learn these new ones. PMA and all that.

When we completed the course most of us were looking to move onto the next level.
But it turned out that only a handful of us were really serious and this was not enough to warrant a class.
Greatly saddened, we just had to wait....

Nearly 2 years later!!
An email pops up in my old email account, I had missed it, but my friend had got one too and alerted me.
Thank God for that!
Less than a week later and we were in!!

Tonight was my second class and I am once again bitten by the bug.
Signing constantly and expecting DH to join in.
What a shame he doesn't share my enthusiasm, but there you go, what can you do.

Sign at everyone else you can!

The silly thing is, of course I become tongue/hand tied as soon as I try to speak to the tutors.
I have such a big vocabulary now, but a basic conversation is still slightly beyond me.
The frustration!
But they are lovely and put up with my constant 'how do I sign.....?'

I am simply buzzing!!

I had to share!!

One day I will chatter away, without saying a word!

My little B, darling girl, will be my sounding board instead. She learns with me, because I have to share with Someone! I think my enthusiasm rubs off on her and she seems quite keen.

Heaven knows what I want to do with this signing mallarky, I guess I will find some use for it further down the road but, for now, I think I will enjoy the ride!

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  1. LOVELY blog of days full of wonder love and joy!