Monday, 21 March 2011

Last Minute Mouse

Friday morning and we are all getting ready to get out to Messy Play when DD says
'Mummy, I want to go to Nursery today.'
'Not to Messy Play with me and J?'
'No, I really want to go to Nursery.'

Only Friday was Red Nose day and everyone is dressing up as a character from The Gruffalo
I had thought on this earlier in the week but, as she was not going to be attending I had put it to one side.
Now I had to pull it out of the bag because it was 8.25!!

So, I grabbed the card folders I had taken out for Messy play.
I pulled out some brown and some coppery stuff that I figured would do for the inner part of the ear and one of Darling Bs hairbands.

I quickly cut out an ear shape with a tag that I thought would go round the hairband.
Then I cut out an inner ear
I attached the ears to the hairband using selotape
And here they are
One willing model

As a finishing touch, I thought I could pull her hair into a ponytail. Then add lots of hairbands to make it look a little like a mouses tail.

So, what do you think?
Does she look like a mouse, pos from the Gruffalo? Or does it at least look like she joined in a little.
Thats all I would want. Just that she didn't feel left out of the fun and games.

The hairband mouse ears, the same as the pirate hat, did not make it home.
Oh well. She was as happy as larry that mummy had made her something to wear, I guess I will just have to accept that these things may not return to me.
But how childish am I that I wish they would, not least so that I could show them to DH. He would give me the pat on the head that my childish heart desires. hehe


  1. aww she's adorable and totally looks the part, shame you didnt get the hairband back though

    Becky :-)

  2. No probs with that!. Definitely looks the part. You cant go wrong with the Gruffalo can you? My daughter loves it, but shes not too keen on the BBC programme they made.

  3. This might do for the carnival of children's literature