Thursday, 17 March 2011

Early morning Pirate hats

I was woken by my darling B gentle coughing at my door this morning, at 8.
Yikes, everyone has slept in.
Still, time enough for a cuddle.
As soon as she was cooried in, she says, 'I need a pirate hat mummy.'

Oh dear, I had forgotten that it was dress as a pirate day at nursery, because they are being taken to the library.
I think I remembered last night but thought I would get away with jeans in boots, a loose shirt, some scarves round her waist and one for her head.
But no, apparently she has to have a hat! :)

Would a newspaper one do?
You Tube is beckoning, because I am not entirely sure how to do it, but I am fairly sure it is not hard.
No mummy, it needs to be black. You just need some black card from the cupboard.
Which cupboard?
The one in nursery mummy.

hmm, not sure that that is an option.

So my head starts spinning off ideas that could create a pirate hat from fabric..........Not sure half an hour will manage that.
I know I have card in the loft, but only A4...........
Maybe a newspaper one painted black? Do I have time for that?

Ok all this thinking is getting nothing done!
Time to get out of bed.

Straight onto the computer, before the children have even caught up with me!
A few clicks and I am going to have to go with the newspaper and paint trick.
Easy! ??

Making the hat is easy, finding you only have primary coloured paint, not so good.
Grabbed a plastic cup and squirted in some of each colour until I have a dark green shade.
This was deemed acceptable.

So I throw the childrens breakfast together, paint up a hat and place in on my storage heater.
That is not going to dry in two minutes.
Quick dash up the stairs for the hairdryer, methinks!

So there we are, the children scoffing their breakfasts with me pointing the hairdryer at a pirate hat
S'cuse the horrid mess, this is no time for a tidy up,I have an important mission, dontcha know?

As soon as it is dry, it is flipped and the other side is painted.
I used the paint in all the edges to act as glue to hold the thing together.
And B is handed the hairdryer to start drying the other side as I dash upstairs to get dressed, dash back down to get J dressed.
Tooth brushing happens on the go, again, today.
Do you see the mess on the floor? That is where it went splat!, as I tried to get a good shot.

Quick photo shoot.

What a great pirate!!
And we are off, at a run, to get to school on time!

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