Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Snow White makes a Mothers Day Banner

Thought I would get a head start on Mothers day.
I love that the Americans go all out with their decorations, but I am always a little behind with my prep. ie I only think on the day, 'Oh wouldn't it have been nice too..........'

So, after making the St Patricks day hats and clovers on the day, getting them up by 7 o'clock at night, I decided to be on the ball this time.

I was thinking of doing something along the lines of this from Filth Wizardy because I thought it looked just lovely.
But the paper I had did not lend well to rubbings and I didn't have leaves anyway. I was attempting to cut shapes out and rub them, but my paper was just a little too thick.
I had begun to cut out all the letters in advance, for our grand rubbing, so now had to think of another plan.

AHA! Paint around them!
Sure, even my wee man could get in on that!

We were getting all set for it, with me trying to figure out how to keep all these letters in place whilst my two painted over them, when I remembered These!
Those aren't our pens, just an image I have found, but Darling B got them as part of her christmas and we have not used them yet.
Now seemed the perfect time!

So, I stuck down our paper. This is from a roll that we got from the ELC to go with Darling Bs easel.
I thought we might try a wee lesson on recognising letters/spelling so tried to get Darling B to tell me which letters I wanted.
She did pretty well. She is so quick to just answer 'I don't know, mummy' in ever such sweet tones, but I try to persevere without losing my rag. Or give up, whichever seems best given her mood.

Thats the Dervish, using our lovely paper as his car track! :-)

It was pretty plain sailing from here.
Ya just gotta blow!
Pretty hard, it turns out!

You also have to hold down the letters with one finger whilst blowing. I ended up gripping the pen in my mouth whilst holding down my letter and Darling Bs, sometimes the one next to it as well!
It was like Twister, for fingers!

But even Dervish J was able to do his bit

All sprayed up, just got to take off the letters to see how well we have done.

Not bad!
Yeay us!

I will have to add a post showing you how it looks on Sunday.
Can't wait!


  1. Wow - this looks fab! I like the idea of sticking a roll of paper to the floor. I want to do more crafty things with E but never know where to start!

  2. 'nother fab idea, i shall be by here every time it rains....! well, and more often, but rainy season's a comin here in france, so it shall be a frequent thing....!!! especially with 4 kids and a very small house.......

    see u soon, tamsyn xxx