Thursday, 17 March 2011

St Patricks day crafting

Later this afternoon I decided to follow through on my promise to my sis that I would make some leprechaun hats.
She is doing a stint as a Beaver leader and really wanted to make hats with them, but decided that it would be too much to do in a 20min craft slot.
So I said that I would make some with my two so that they would be done for St Patricks.

I thought it would be an idea to make some shamrocks first, to display in our window.
Cutting out three love hearts and a stalk in two sizes, and two colours.
My figuring was that each child could get a shamrock to stick and glue together and one to paint.
Darling B got the little ones, Dervish J got the bigger ones.
We glued them together and bluetaced them to our big window.

I had found this lady when I was searching for leprechaun hats for my sister she was the perfect place to look for my Darling Bs pirate hat this morning.
So I went straight back to her this afternoon.

First up was Darling B, to get her head wrapped in newspaper
Dervish J was up next
Curling in the sides creates the hat
Now we just had to paint them green. B did great with this, J needed to be restrained, he was a bit too over keen with his painting and nearly tore through the whole thing.

Back to the storage heater/hairdryer trick to get them dried off.
I added a wee shamrock to the hat to make it a tad clearer as to what I was trying to achieve.

And here thay are, My little leprechauns!
Jonathans hat seems to have shrunk, not sure how I managed that.
Everytime I got the camera ready he would giggle, nod his head and knock it to the floor!

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely day :) may have to steal the leprechaun hat idea next year x