Sunday, 13 March 2011

Messy Play

Every Friday I take my two children to a Messy Play group for toddlers.
I don't like to add that I am the one in charge of the group.
My friend set it up and ran it for nearly three years, during which time she completed her Post Graduate in Primary School teaching.
This year is her probationary year.
So I was happy to keep going along to the group, in order that it did keep going, in her absence and take the payments. Doing the meet and greet to new people etc.
I have been coasting along for a while with the same old things out every week, but have started to do my own research to try to vary what is on offer.

Having recently discovered Filth Wizardry I have been inspired by quite a few of her terrific ideas.
Some are a bit to advanced for the age range that the group covers but it gets me thinking none the less.
My little girl is the oldest there, aged 4. Most of the group is aged about 2.

Last week we painted onto a plastic sheet of acrylic, that I had edged with electrician tape, and taped to the painting table.
The children drew in the paint,

then laid paper on top to get the image in reverse.

The younger children just enjoyed getting messy, splatting their hands on and squidging it about.
Ok I admit, I was showing them how.
Oh alright, I was the worst culprit!!

It was fantastic fun!

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